Who We Serve

Our Senior Clients and Their Family

  • Seniors and Their Families Separated by Distance

  • Seniors and Families Who Need an Independent Perspective on Care Options

  • Seniors and Families Who Want Additional Oversight Over Care Providers

  • Seniors and Their Caregivers Who Want Guidance Over Their Care

  • Seniors and Their Families Looking for Assisted Living, Private Duty Nurses, Nursing Homes, and Memory Care

  • Seniors and Their Families Seeking Negotiations Help With Potential Care Providers

  • Families Facing Urgent Care Transition Situations Where Time is Short

  • Families Looking to Protect Estate From the High Cost of Senior Care

Planning Process

We Plan And Manage Your Care

01 Assessment
We assess the client, either through telephone interviews with the patient and their family, or in-person nursing assessments done on a quarterly or monthly basis. Our patient and family assessment is designed to surface health, well-being, and family need. For urgent situations, we get to work right away to determine how we can help and whom and where we can get help for that senior locally. We also want to surface patient and family objectives and match it with types of senior care, be it aging in place, living independently within a community, o making a transition into more structured nursing home care, specialized care such as memory care, or into hospice.
02 Identify Needs and Determine Senior Care Plan
We identify the needs of the patient and the family. These needs include medical, logistical, physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Then, we identify the care providers and facilities that match your needs. Where we have a Senior Care Sherpa Certified provider locally, who has gone through our 8 Point Background Check, we will work with them to get you the best possible deal, in many cases below their list prices. When we don't have existing local relationship with care providers, we will do our investigations on those local providers and seek to find you one that meets your service, operations, and financial needs.
03 Find Senior Care Providers and Facilities & Negotiate On Your Behalf
How do you know whom to hire? Let us find senior care providers and negotiate on your behalf. We will find the best providers in your area and save you money, time, and hassle of negotiating. Often, we can get access to the best prices and care in the industry. And, in urgent situations, where time is short, we will work on your situation right away to find a great care provider and get the senior patient enrolled and on-boarded into their services as soon as possible.
04 Monitor and Adjust Elder Care Plan
We monitor and adjust our client's elder care plan based on their well-being and physical capabilities. We have been through this journey thousands of times. And, it is remarkably similar for everybody. At the early stages, we strive to keep our clients independent and in their home as long as possible. Aging in Place is our preferred outcome. However, we know that aging in place doesn't always match the needs of our senior clients. Other options, as the situation progresses, includes senior communities, non-medical assisted living, nursing home, or specialized care facilities, such as memory care or dementia care.
05 Work Within Your Financial Resources and Constraints
We work within your financial resources and constraints when planning your senior care. We believe that we have a fiduciary obligation to our clients and their families to protect as much of your estate as possible. Routinely, we regularly save clients money in their negotiations process with care providers. In addition, with our knowledge and network, we understand the appropriate price to pay for senior care services.
06 Coordinate Advisors
Interestingly, the biggest obstacle to getting your long term planning executed tends to be near-term medical conditions. Where circumstances warrant, we will coordinate your advisors to address any challenges and needs that arise from your care. We routinely work with financial advisors and elder law attorneys to ensure that their financial and estate planning strategies are followed. Your estate planning attorney and financial advisor will appreciate how a proper senior care plan can preserve their work and your estate.

Who we are?

Welcome to the Largest Online Senior Care Community!

You and your loved ones confronting a difficult situation. We know . . . We’ve been there, in your shoes, with our mothers and fathers. As our population ages, more seniors and their families are facing the unknown and uncertain journey that is senior care.

Our Company was born out of our frustration with the senior healthcare system . . . the complexity of it all! We know there has to be a better way . . . a better way to inform . . a better way to plan . . . a better way to vet out care providers . . .


And, that’s why we created Senior Care Sherpa . . . to bring information and knowledge to you in a meaningful way . . . not just via some search engine result. We are here to guide you and your family through the senior health care continuum.

With over 30 years of collective senior care experience, We understand how difficult this journey is . . . we’ve helped hundreds of families through this journey, enabling positive medical, care, well-being, legal, and financial outcomes. Let us know how we can help you.


Tony Fischer

President, Senior Care Sherpa



My mother and I would like to thank you for your amazing ability in helping us to sort through all the many senior housing options that were available for my mom and dad and helping us to decide which facilities best met my mom’s needs and which ones met my dad’s needs since he has dementia. As you know we tried for a period of time on our own to figure out each of my parents housing needs and the cost of each of those choices. After struggling on our own, we were referred to you. It was like the sun coming out on an overcast day. You quickly began helping us to put the pieces together in establishing which senior facilities would best accommodate my mom and which ones would best take care of my dad with his dementia. Your professional expertise and personal relationship with the directors of the various seniors homes and nursing care centers made an unbelievable difference in placing both of my parents on a timely basis in facilities that I felt would be both comfortable and safe. We can’t thank you enough Tony for the peace of mind that we are enjoying because of the services that you have provided our family and knowing that your are available whenever something related to their housing needs should arise.

David York - Client

As my father was nearing the end of his battle with cancer, my family and I started to feel overwhelmed with trying to provide him with the best care. Tony Fischer came out to our house, answered all the question we had, – and some we didn’t even know we would soon have. Following his advice has made this difficult time easier to manage. With Tony’s guidance, I am confident we made the best decisions for my father and our family.

Kathy Rasmussen - Client

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