26- Jul2016
Posted By: Tony Fischer

What Is A Senior Care Plan

No doubt about it America is getting older.  The largest generation this country has ever known is speeding toward retirement and the government is not prepared.  According to the Administration for Community Living the number of people over the age of 65 will surpass 55 million by 2020. As a result, Medicare and Medicaid programs are scrambling to find ways to reduce cost and get better outcomes for the American tax dollar. Often that includes closing loopholes and cutting back on benefits that seniors used to count on for retirement. It is more important now than ever to have a senior care plan to address these factors.

Baby Boomers are demanding more of healthcare providers than ever before.  The demand for more choices and better control over their healthcare has led to innovations in service and technology.  Once again the Baby Boomers are changing an major American industry.

But all of this breakneck change presents a challenge. How can seniors and their families plan for the future with such a rapidly changing healthcare system?  Planning!

What is a Senior Care Plan?

A senior care plan combines all aspects of healthcare into one seamless and flexible plan. It is a plan to age in place and remain happy and healthy at home. If done correctly the plan can also save thousands in healthcare costs.

How does all this happen?  A good Senior Care Plan considers all the factors that can affect a senior’s ability to remain at home.

  • Current Health Condition
  • Living Situation
  • Making the Home Safe and Accessible
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Types of Services Available/Needed
  • Cost of Services
  • Family Support
  • Financial Resources
  • Eligible Benefits
  • Legal Authority

It takes all of these factors, evaluates them for need and puts them in a plan that fills in the gaps of support.

Why do I need a Senior Care Plan?

One word…control. Seniors have the right to have 100% control over their healthcare decisions unless a disease like Dementia takes away their ability to make safe decisions. However a good senior care plan can still honor healthcare decisions even when the senior needs someone to help.

Without a senior care plan, an elder could end up in a healthcare setting they didn’t choose all because they weren’t prepared with a plan to handle changes in healthcare condition.  A senior care plan prepares seniors and their families with instructions on how to handle an unexpected accident or hospital stay. Simply put it can keep a simple accident from turning into a costly healthcare crisis.

How can Senior Care Sherpa Help You and Your Family?

Our Senior Care Sherpa’s are experts in the senior healthcare continuum.  They can help you understand services, insurance coverages, costs and develop a plan that meets the challenges of aging head on.

Fill out the form below to set-up a free consultation. One of our friendly and knowledgeable Sherpa’s will video conference with you and develop a senior care plan that meets you unique aging challenges.

Tony Fischer

As an advocate for elders and their families, Tony has experience in the entire healthcare continuum. He has worked in hospitals, nursing homes, home care, hospice, and non-profits.

His vast and unique experience led him to become a consultant that helps clients navigate the senior healthcare system. Tony also works hand and hand with healthcare providers to improve and streamline customer service.