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19 - May 2017
Dementia Communication: 10 Ways To Create Connections
Posted by : Catherine Braxton
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There are countless ways to create connection, and it usually begins by finding commonalities as well as identifying and appreciating differences. Connection happens in life […]
18 - May 2017
Connection Comes In All Colors
Posted by : Catherine Braxton
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After multiple layovers and a long travel day from the corporate office, Lily was looking forward to getting home in her warm bed and […]
03 - May 2017
Five Long Term Care Options That Aren’t The Nursing Home
Posted by : Tony Fischer
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Many people think of long-term care as the nursing home.  However, the fact is there are many levels to the senior healthcare continuum, several […]
02 - May 2017
Chasing a Diagnosis
Posted by : Catherine Braxton
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I sat in my driveway, hanging on to every word Jason spoke while the rain beat down on the roof of my car.  He […]
28 - April 2017
New Ways To Approach Dementia Communication
Posted by : Catherine Braxton
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At a recent support group, an adult daughter asked, “Is there such a thing as too much information?”  She continued to express her concern […]
26 - April 2017
Five Reasons To Get A Diagnosis Beyond Dementia
Posted by : Catherine Braxton
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If you or a loved one is given the diagnosis of dementia from a general practitioner, the very next question you need to ask […]