Identify Needs and Determine Senior Care Plan

With our assessment in hand, we work with the client and their family to articulate the needs of the patient. These needs include medical, logistical, physical, mental, and spiritual needs.  

Medical needs always take precedence.  However, we find that the other needs must be met for the senior to have a great quality of life.  And, a high quality of life throughout the senior care continuum is one of our key objectives.

Once we have identified the type of care needed, we will work with our clients to find, vet, and screen potential care providers.  We will work with the care providers to help the patient and their family through the on-boarding process.

Our base senior care plan, for $49.95, relies on an phone assessment with the senior patient or their family. More information on the Our Basic Care Plan can be found here >>

More information on the Our Premium Care Plan can be found here >>

More information on the Our Total Support Plan can be found here >>

If you have any questions about our process, please feel free to call us at (877)333-9494 or email us at