17- Apr2017
Posted By: Tony Fischer

Care Coordination Helps Seniors On Vacation

For seniors will Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder or impaired mobility vacation options are very limited.  Factors like proximity to healthcare, assistance with activities of daily living (or ADLS) and access to transportation keep seniors on vacation from the experiences available to younger travelers.


Care Coordination has opened the door for seniors on vacation to get the care they need with the security of having the care they need a phone call away. Now chronic illness won’t keep seniors sitting on the sidelines and missing the exciting parts of vacation. Now families can take take grandma and grandpa on vacation without the stress of managing their healthcare conditions.

Assisted Senior Vacations are the newest trend that combines senior care with the great American family vacation.  Working much like an assisted living facility, Assisted Senior Vacations can offer a wide variety of services to help the senior with their needs.  That includes services like assistance with ADLs, transportation, medications and access to healthcare offered as a package or ala cart. The major difference of course is Assisted Senior Vacations offer care coordination on the road.

Just like SeniorCareSherpa.com uses a network of senior care providers to coordinate care for seniors around the country, Assisted Senior Vacations uses local senior care providers to provide services for seniors on the go.

Vacation-Centered Approach

The process is easy. First, the Senior Care Coordinator collects data on the senior’s healthcare condition to determine their healthcare needs. Second, the Care Coordinator learns more about the type of vacation and experience the senior would like to have.  Finally, they take vacation plan and merge it with background checked care options in the destination area. The end result is a worry-free senior vacation that relieves stress on the rest of the family.

For more information about Assisted Senior Vacations fill out the request form below.  One of our Senior Care Sherpas will be happy to assist you in planning a fun and memorable trip.