12- Apr2017
Posted By: Tony Fischer

Too Late For A Great Senior Vacation? Think Again

After retirement and with the kids out of the house, seniors often lament about how they wish they could take that dream vacation they always wanted. They suddenly have the time and the money but chronic medical problems and mobility issues keep them from getting out and enjoying their free time.

Helping Seniors Stay Active

A growing industry is helping seniors overcome disability issues and allowing them to be active once again.  The assisted senior vacations concept uses care coordination so the senior can get the health care services they need while on vacation.  It promotes independence for seniors who are usually dependent on family members to assist them during trips.

A senior no longer has to wait for a family member to take them on a trip.  Planning that vacation now is just as simple and picking the destination and going.

Assisted Senior Vacations provides a solutions for all the challenges presented by the aging process.  The staff at Senior Care Sherpa will evaluate needs related to the senior’s disability and coordinate services to make the vacation worry free.

Assisted Senior Vacation Services includes:

  • Transportation to and from the Airport
  • Transportation to and from local attractions
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living from a Sherpa Certified provider
  • Prepackaged bubble wrapped medication that is Homeland Security compliant and easy to track
  • Room and Board in a resort setting
  • Evening and morning assistance to help start and end you day on the right note

Now going to Disney World, taking an ocean cruise, relaxing by the beach, floating down the Mississippi, spending the weekend in the mountains or just visiting family friends has never been so easy.

To get started submit the contact form below and write in the subject line “plan my vacation”. Shortly, one of our Senior Care Sherpas will contact you to set-up and initial consultation. After they understand where, when and what you would like to do, the rest is as easy as packing your bags.

SeniorCareSherpa.com is always interested in hearing from providers who would like to help a senior have a great vacation.  If you have a service that fits our mission, fill out the contact form below and tell us what service you provide. We will be happy to get back to you.

What are you waiting for! Lets Go! Every senior deserves a vacation!

06- Apr2017
Posted By: Tony Fischer

What Is A Nursing Home Care Conference?

What is a Care Conference?

Care Conference, Resident Care Conference or Interdisciplinary team meetings are all forms of meetings designed to communicate the care plan to the patient and their family.  Nursing Homes are required to hold a care conference for the senior and their family either on a regular schedule or at the patients request. These meetings are a key structure of communication with nursing home staff and should always be attended.

Who Should Be There?

The patient (or resident’s as nursing homes call them) should be in attendance and permitted to ask questions. The patient can also have a family member or advocate in attendance to help facilitate communication and understanding.

The nursing home staff in attendance should include: The charge nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Activities Director, Dietary Director and Social Worker. If the resident is receiving treatments like wound care, hospice or respiratory therapy they should also be in the meeting.

Every aspect of the residents care plan should be reviewed at care conference.

List of documentation that should be reviewed include:

  • Care plan
  • Nursing notes
  • Therapy notes
  • Labs results
  • Clinical assessments
  • Medication list

How Often Are They Held?

If the resident is there for short-term sub-acute rehabilitation, care conferences are scheduled near the end of their stay.  If the resident is receiving long-term care, conferences are scheduled at 14, 30 and 90 days.  Special care conferences can also be scheduled in the event of a change in condition. Check with the social work office for the care conference schedule.

Don’t Skip The Meeting

The nursing home often schedules the care conference meetings as part of a system of compliance.  However just because a meeting is scheduled at a time in which you cannot attend ask the to reschedule. Care conferences are a very important and state mandated function to the nursing home communication process.  If you skip a meeting you are in danger of missing some very important information.